Procera AVH Reviews | A New Look On the Good Old Memory Pill

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Hello guys, and welcome to our procera avh reviews. You might be wondering, of all the brain supplements flooding the market nowadays, only up to now that we have a review about the all-known procera avh.

Procera AVH Offer Details: All-natural cognitive enhancer that boosts memory, focus and concentration. Buy 2 Get 1 Free for $119.85, only $39.95/bottle with a 60-day trial. Here the link to the Official Website

We tried to keep upfront to our readers and the reason why we decided not to feature this product until now is because of the class action lawsuit settlement that was preliminarily approved against Procera AVH (see The lawsuit entitled customers to a $20 cash payment or 50%-off savings voucher to consumers who purchased Procera AVH.

According to the source and here I quote “The Procera AVH settlement will resolve a class action lawsuit, entitled O’Brien, et al. v. Brain Research Labs, LLC, that alleges Brain Research Labs ("BRL") made false and misleading advertising and marketing statements that Procera AVH improves brain function… Class Members of the Procera AVH class action settlement include all U.S. residents who purchased Procera AVH from January 1, 2005 to March 23, 2012 through direct marketing channels or through retail.”

While the settlement only was effective between 2005 until early 2012, this has for sure significantly affected the reputation of procera avh.

We started to get acquainted with this brain supplement in 2011, watch it for a time and it couldn’t be denied that procera avh was one of the many brain supplements today that brought awareness among people of the potential benefits of taking in supplements specifically formulated to benefit the brain function.

Procera AVH: Does it Fit to be America’s No. 1?

Since we launched this site, our stats dashboard have recorded visitors coming from all over in search for procera avh review. For us, it’s kind of awkward to think that these people are looking for procera avh (maybe out of interest or curiosity) and they landed on our site for nothing. So we did our research and combined it with our early observations and so here’s our review of the product.

Well.. Procera avh is one of those brain supplements that have emerged to be very well-known to the public since it was launched. It was seen in and the introduction reads:

Brain Research Labs has created a clinically tested brain pill called Procera AVH® that helps boost brainpower, and help fight and neutralize free radicals and toxins in the brain.

As of this time of writing, our Google Insights gadget still records procera avh as one of the mostly searched product among brain supplements online. You can find more interesting information we wrote at this page:


Brain Research Labs (the manufacturer of Procera AVH) appears to be a legitimate business operating at: 

BRAIN RESEARCH LABS, 15820 Euclid Avenue, Chino, CA 91708

Their business website can be found at while the Procera AV Order Page is on

For business contact, refund and/or issuance of Return Authorization Code, their Customer Service Department phone is at 1-800-213-4101 (M-F 9A-7P EST or Saturday 9A-4P EST)


Procera AVH is very strong when it comes to its claims in favor for their product. For the purpose of information, following are some targeted hard-claims from Here I quote:

Procera AVH™ is a unique, doctor developed, patent pending, proprietary formula of natural ingredients – clinically shown…

Procera AVH™ was tested at the prestigious Brain Sciences Institute in Australia, considered one of the leading clinical trial sites in the world for testing both natural and pharmaceutical products for improving cognitive health, function and performance.

The Procera AVH clinical trial utilized the FDA criteria for drug trials – a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trial with a significant number of participants…

The ProceraAVH study was conducted by world renown cognitive researcher, Dr. Con Stough at the Brain Sciences Institute, Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia…

Our Opinions:

The said “landmark clinical trials” by procera avh are truly fascinating but quite perplexing. You may want to check out this procera avh press release for more information.

Perhaps, you can try to have a look at other options. One is Happy, Calm and Focused amino-acid/vitamin supplement or Excelerol as it’s one of the favorites at

You must be familiar with these ads, right? Clicking on either one of these will lead you to website where there’s like a video discussion about the product, Breaking news… America’s # 1, Buy 2 Get 1 Free, Landmark Clinical, Success stories  and many more…

procera-video procera-avh-tv-offer

Well, there’s nothing wrong about that, but when it comes to brain health supplementation, you have to dig deep and see find more information behind.

So What Can Procera AVH Do for You?

According to the manufacturers of procera avh, they used the comprehensive FDA style criteria when they tested procera avh caliber and they found out that Procera AVH™ brain supplement was essentially able to improve one’s memory, attention, mental clarity, mental energy and mood. The enumeration is as follows:

  • IMPROVE your mental clarity, focus and concentration.
  • IMPROVE your ability to learn and recall information faster.
  • SHARPEN your thinking and mental quickness.
  • BOOST your alertness and mental energy.
  • ELEVATE your mood and self-confidence.
  • FEEL less anxious and stressed.

For the purpose of advertisement, please don’t mind the following video if it seems absurd to you. Who knows, you will somehow appreciate it to the least… but the creation seems intuitive though!

Click Here for More Info

So how does procera avh does this? Well, we think this all the info that would matter to you- the ingredients themselves. We can write a whole new eBook about how documented and credible these ingredients are in so far as improving memory is concerned but how the manufacturers of procera made use of these raw materials in creating procera avh is a whole different matter.

Procera AVH Ingredients

procera avh ingredients So now we proceed to the procera avh review of its ingredients. The image on the right lists down the ingredients that compose the procera avh nutritional brain supplement. Three of the most important ingredients include the proprietary blend of Acetyl L-Carnitine, Vinpocetine (from Vinca minor) and Huperizine A (from Huperizia serrrata).

For your information, there are also other minor ingredients which include the following : Calcium carbonate, Vegetable stearic acid, Croscarmelose sodium, Monocrystalline cellulose, Silicon dioxide etc. I don’t intend to discuss them here (their relevance and functions) one by one as we have tackled this already in some of our posts in this site, however, I got a bit puzzled and got me digging more on this one very important source of procera ingredients which is the the Vinca minor.

The Vinca minor or more commonly called as small periwinkle or myrtle in the United Stated features a beautiful evergreen leaves capable of growing as along as 2-4.5 cm and 1-2.5 cm broad. It is pretty common the in the Southern Europe and brought to the United States being utilized as ornamental ground cover. Incidentally, Vinca minor or periwinkle has been spotted as one of the top unwanted garden plants.

However, it has been considered also as one of the best ornamental ground covers due to its prolificacy or the ability to grow and reproduce so rapidly (Canadian Gardening). As a medical herb, the leaves and aerial parts of Vinca are dried and the extract being utilized proven to enhance circulation particularly in the brain, improve metabolism as well as an herbal remedy to cardiovascular disorders.

This is where the term Vincamine came from which is acclaimed to have a pharmacologic importance to Vinca’s nootropic activity. May I quote then: “Vincamine is a peripheral vasodilator that increases blood flow to the brain. It is an indolealkaloid (specifically a tryptamine) found in the leaves of Vinca minor, comprising about 25-65% of the indole alkaloids found in Vinca minor by weight.procera avh

In effect, Vincamine has been widely used in conjunction with other nootropic drugs to combat the effects of aging and many other medical purposes. In totality, given these promising ingredients, procera avh works by increasing the oxygen provision in the brain. It also cleans up free radicals and toxins that can cause potential problems to the brain and thirdly, it is able to restore depleted neurotransmitters which are very important in transmitting information across the system.

Moreover, procera avh aims to improve mental clarity and focus, sharpen thinking skills, boost alertness and elevate mood and self confidence. Vincamine is also said to be a powerful anti-oxidant, and neuro-protective agent that helps the brain like in countering age-related reduciton in oxygen levels and inflammatory conditions.

The other ingredient is called as Huperzine A (HUP). This ingredient is derived from Huperia serrata. It’s high content of natural acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitor allows the maintenance of enough acetylcholine levels while also stimulating acetylcholine receptors . Acetylcholine plays some important role on communications in the synapses which in turn affects thoughts feelings and memories.

Not only that, ALC also is said also to enhance glutathione levels (an important anti-oxidant in the brain), slow brain aging and a whole lot of trials documenting the positive effect of ALC on improving mental clarity, focus and memory, in elevating mood, and boosting processing speed and cognitive function. The third ingredient which is said to be the most important is the Acetyl-l-carnitine (ALC).

In one of our readings, this is sometimes called as a true miracle molecule. I am not really sure about what does it mean but essentially, ALC is claimed at helping in the protection, preservation and performance of your brain cells. ALC allows an abundant supply/flow of blood to the brain and in promoting the utilization of acetylcholine as discussed earlier. So that’s it… the so-called science behind procera avh.

Procera AVH SCAM!

I may have talked so much and we have not even reach yet testimonials. Many people are asking if procera avh is a scam.

Well, to our very limited knowledge, all we can say is that the website is not a scam. You can definitely order from their official website and receive the product you asked for.

As to it’s effectiveness, we have not tried the product and so we couldn’t vouch for it either. We don’t know the manufacturers in person and we don’t have any contact with them. But if you are really convinced about it, then it’s all up to you.

For the rest of user reviews, here’s a screenshot from contrasting between those who are in-favor and those who are critical. You may click on the image and you will be directed to the page where you can read more about procera avh. So going back to our opening title: Procera AVH: Does to fit to be America’s No. 1? Well, you be the judge!

I hope guys this review has been helpful to you. We also applied as an affiliate for procera avh. In case you are all out for procera avh and happened to land to our site, we will be happy if you can order through our link. If not… it’s still all up to you. We’re already happy you happen to visit our site.

Please don’t forget to share our site to others as well. Thanks a whole lot!

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