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Eureka… you sure knew this term. It was a big word for a man named Archimedes in 212 B.C after finding the principles of water displacement essential for the science of buoyancy.

However, this eureka could also be applied to as an expression popularized by the great Albert Einstein who made many great advances in science. Needless to say, eureka can also be referred to a small town or simply a “Eureka moment” for someone who found an answer!


Feel Eureka! Going Natural for a Memory Enhancer

On this particular post, we’ll cut the chase as we are excited to introduce to you the new good guy in town… or was it? No, this is simply introductory yet comprehensive review of Eureka and we intend to get you informed before you look for other else. If you have questions, you can post them below and we’ll continue to expound this article for better use.

Eureka from claims to be a “natural brain booster supplement for students”.  Eureka!® formulation combines key ingredients proven to nourish and support memory and focus by increasing blood flow to the brain improving brain oxygenation and thereby increasing mental alertness and concentration.

According to a press release issued by the company just a week ago, Eureka!® prides itself to be a ground-breaking formula that is based on extensive research in the field of neuroplasticity. A dedicated in-house R&D team works with researchers from Berkeley, Columbia, and in coordination with others to create what they claim to be the most effective brain booster formula possible. That means, if you are a businessman, an athlete, a student or anyone looking for ways on how to benefit from extra mental edge, then Eureka could be one potential option you can consider.

There are prescription drugs specifically manufactured for similar purpose but these drugs are not designed for nonprescription use. Unfortunately, a number of people get easily tempted without knowing that it’s both illegal and potentially dangerous. Eureka!® claims its proprietary brain formula to be an Adderall alternative with natural ingredients to help you get clarity and focus on what is required of you at hand and unlock the potential you have.

But wait, these are powerful claims that we always see from many other “claiming to be brain supplements” just popping out from everywhere. Therefore, what we need to know is what makes Eureka different among others. The following are some good steps to start with.

In the online business world, we love company manufacturers which disclose their business to the public and have someone you can directly contact to for questions and customer support. Eureka natural brain booster supplement is registered under Eureka Brands LLC. Their corporate office is located at 14620 Memorial STE 131 Houston, Texas 77079. Support information can be accessed through their website at or by simply emailing them at For media contact, we successfully contacted George Grey via email. For the telephone number, you have 832-266-2125.

A mission statement for one company is very important as it simply shows the dedication of the company for what their ultimate purpose really is. Here’s Eureka’s mission statement

About Eureka Brands, LLC- Our mission at Eureka Brands LLC is to provide all natural supplements to help people achieve their goals. Why create Eureka!®? The answer is simple: we needed it ourselves. After years of development we found a prime combination that would provide hard working achievers with the focus and energy they would need to power through their day. We look forward to helping you on your journey to a more focused productive life.

Eureka Review – How Does it Work?

Do you think the graphics below is enough to explain how eureka works? Well, I think the most important above all is knowing the ingredients included in the formula. Eureka ingredients include the following:

  • Ginkgo Biloba- ginkgo as it is sometimes called is a well-established plant known to be a primary source of raw materials of concentration pills.
  • Ginkgo Bilobo Acetyl-L-Carnitine- specifically designed to help in the performance of brain function for improved mental clarity and focus and memory retention.
  • St. John’s Wort- you sure are fmailair with St. John’s Wort; known in centuries as a “miracle plant” with an added boost to improving swing moods.
  • Bacopin- with specific action to aid in memory retention.
  • DMAE- mood enhancer and for improving alertness.
  • Vinpocetine- we have tackled this ingredient in a number of our reviews here with other brain supplements; well-known cognitive enhancer by improving cerebral circulation
  • Phosphafidylserine- potential benefits related to ageing as well as improving thinking skills in young people.

How does Eureka work?

I went to,  to check customer reviews and rating for Eureka. To our surprise, Eureka Intensified Focus got an average five star rating in at least 30 customer reviews.  So what does it tell us, well it simply is a good sign… a great potential for those wanting to have a good proven alternative among those seem to be already in the market for a long time full of hypes..

Check out some of these reviews from Amazon.

Recommend to all sufferers of morning grogginess, March 7, 2013- My mother somehow found this product for me online and shipped it to me at school. I’ve actually had attention issues my entire life. I decided to give Eureka a try because 1) I began suffering in college and 2) its OTC, natural, and cannot possibly have any bad side effects as a supplement. To my surprise, it was a refreshingly nice, light, boost of energy for me in the morning…- by Diana M.

My little secret, March 7, 2013- have done so much research before ordering your product, and I am glad I chose yours. I was taking 6 hours of summer college classes every day, and I am pretty happy that I will have an advantage over the other students…- by Abel G.

Will make you more productive, March 6, 2013- I am not a morning person. I usually can’t get started doing any real work until the afternoon because of this. I took it in the morning and it really gave me energy and I just felt good. Did exactly what I wanted it to do…- by Harriet B.

I have added a video below that you might find useful with as well.

We are always on the look out of the top brain supplements available and while Eureka seems to be the new guy in the industry, we are excited to be one of the first to introduce to you with the hope that this information might help you as you try to dig deep on the internet for the best brain supplement there is.  Most of all, we hope Eureka fits your needs.

Thanks and till next guys. For comments, the box below is yoursSmile

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